Air Quality Testing

Testing Mechanics has performed thousands of air quality assessments for numerous airborne contaminants. The MTA, school districts, building managers, state and local government agencies, developers, hotel chains, airlines, restaurants, builders, office buildings, manufacturing facilities as well as homeowners have used our services. Our experience, knowledge and technical abilities will help you resolve any air quality issues you encounter.

Our Air Quality Services involve the following:

• General Air Quality Testing (Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity)
• Specific Contaminant Testing (Chemical and biological using NIOSH methods)
• Hazardous Waste Site Monitoring (Lead, metals, nuisance dust, respirable dust and many others)
• Personal (worker) Exposure Monitoring (For OSHA Compliance)
• Sick Building Syndrome Investigations
• Mold and Bacteria Testing
• CAMP (Community Air Monitoring Programs)
• VOC's Testing (Volatile Organic Compounds)
• Dust and Allergen Testing

Testing Mechanics Corp. has extensive experience testing a wide variety of contaminants in a multitude of different facilities. Determining the presence of pollutants and allergens, as well as employee exposure and assessing the General Air Quality can provide increased productivity, energy efficiency and comfort of building occupants.