Testing Mechanics Corporation

Testing Mechanics Corporation has been performing environmental and occupational testing services for utilities, industrial properties, financial institutions, commercial properties, hospitals, schools, transportation facilities, and private residences since 1989. We have performed a wide variety of environmental and occupational testing services as well as inspection, construction management and remedial design.

Our staff provides comprehensive consulting and analytical services in asbestos management and inspection, industrial hygiene, bioaerosols, indoor air quality, and OSHA compliance monitoring. The company trademark is the ability to accurately identify and effectively solve complex asbestos and lead related problems with in-house expertise and resources.

Testing Mechanics Corp. is approved by the NYSDOH Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP No. 11018) and rated proficient by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Proficiency Analytical Testing Program, administered by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.(Lab No. 11783-001). We are also licensed by the New York State Department of Labor (No. AC-97-0337).

Testing Mechanics Corporation was created as an affiliate company to compliment the services of Soil Mechanics Drilling Corp., which has been performing environmental testing, drilling, construction inspection and testing, and structural analysis for over 45 years. Incorporated in 1989, Testing Mechanics Corp. has completed over 10,000 projects involving over $35 million in services. The dedication to our fieldwork has been proven time and time again through our emergency response, our accurate and reliable data provided in a timely manner, and the experience we have accrued through our profile of clients.

The unique combination of broad based field evaluation and comprehensive laboratory services represents a powerful tool in the management of most common environmental concerns. Testing Mechanics Corp. has the in-house capability to evaluate site conditions, design and perform sampling programs, conduct all necessary laboratory analysis, and reduce the data to a conclusive and coherent report format. Our one-stop approach to asbestos and lead project management maximizes the level of continuity and coordination. In addition, our total program management approach creates increased efficiency, ease of communication, and more direct decision making. This allows for a cost effective solution for our clients, delivered on-time and on-budget.

Testing Mechanics Corp. and its affiliate, Soil Mechanics Drilling Corp., can provide solutions to most environmental problems via our analytical laboratory facilities and experienced environmental consulting professionals and field teams.

EPA Laboratory Certificate

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NYS DOL License


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